Why Low Voltage?


Dark areas of your property or shadows created by high voltage flood light fixtures give unwanted visitors places to lurk.


Low voltage lighting is the ideal choice for illuminating walkways, entrances, and high traffic areas. This enables residents and guests to move safely about the property. Additionally, low voltage systems are much safer than 120 volts systems, as it greatly reduces the risk of electrical shock.


Lighting the recreational or private areas of your property enable you to enjoy your outdoor living areas long after the sun goes down. Many homeowners do not get to enjoy their outdoor areas or landscapes as much as they would like because they are just not home much during the daylight hours. Let Scenic Outdoor Lighting help you enhance and increase your time spent outdoors after dark.


Low voltage lighting highlights and accents the shapes and textures of your landscape, home, or structure. A good designer not only takes your desires into consideration; they also paint a portrait with lights to create a dramatic experience of the property.


Low Voltage halogen lighting consumes about 1/3 the energy when compared with high voltage systems. Low Voltage LED lighting consumes only about 1/5 of the energy of halogen systems. Several well placed low voltage fixtures will not only be more inviting and dramatic but also much less expensive to operate than 120v spotlights or flood lights.


A properly designed and installed low voltage system will provide years of trouble free operation at a fraction of the cost of high voltage systems.


Scenic Outdoor Lighting provides high quality systems that are built to last. We also provide maintenance and service as needed to ensure that you enjoy your system for years to come. Remember, We aren't happy until you are happy.