Frequently Asked Questions

Will my property be torn up during the installation of the lighting?

Absolutely NOT! If not for the breathtaking lights you would probably never know we had been there. We hand install all of our lighting. No heavy machinery will be brought onto your property for the purpose of installing a typical lighting system.

Will I be charged a consultation fee?

We do not charge a fee for consulting with us within 50 miles of the Nashville area. We do however charge a very reasonable fee for areas outside this 50 mile radius. Any consultation fees will be fully applied to any lighting system designed or installed for you by us.

Do you service existing lighting systems?

We do service existing lighting systems no matter who installed them.

Should I use my landscaper to install an outdoor lighting system?

We are design, installation, and product specialists. We focus on providing the very best design, equipment, service, and installation possible. If you want the best value and performance, a specialist is by far the way to go.

What about service after you install my lighting?

We completely document all fixtures and wiring during the installation process as well as make notes for future reference. This makes service and additions to the lighting system more efficient and complete.

Will I be able to control my lighting system myself?

Most clients ask that their systems be fully automated. These systems come on at dusk and will stay on as long as you would like. We do however offer systems with user friendly controls including wireless remote systems so you can turn on or off your lights as you desire. We will be happy to customize a system around your lifestyle and needs.

How much does one of your high performance lighting systems cost?

The costs vary widely and every property is different. We will be happy to work with you to try and stay within your budget. Costs will be dependent on selected fixtures, difficulty of installation, the number of fixtures the design calls for and other factors. Please contact Scenic Outdoor Lighting for a quote.

What type of Warranty is associated with a new lighting system?

Most of our fixtures and low voltage transformers include a lifetime warranty. We continue a lifetime warranty on all systems properly maintained by us.

Where is your service area?

Our general service area is the Williamson/Davidson County areas. We do however, cover all of Middle Tennessee. Please contact us, and if we do not cover your area we may be able to refer you to a quality installer closer to you.

Will you install lights that I have purchased?

Please contact us if you have components you would like us to consider using. Keep in mind we will not install any low quality or unsafe systems.

How safe is one of your low voltage lighting systems?

Low voltage lighting is very safe. We conform to all NEC requirements and design our systems to ensure your property is kept safe. Properly designed low voltage lighting will also add security to your property.

When should I get Scenic Outdoor Lighting involved in my project?

Typically as soon as possible. The nice thing about landscape lighting is that it can be installed at any time. However, if you are planning a new landscape installation or landscape renovation we should be brought in very early in the process so all of your options can be available to you, and costly omissions and mistakes are not made before other phases of landscape and hardscape construction take place. Planning your Scenic outdoor lighting system early can pay big dividends later.

Are there advantages to using LED Lamps in my lighting system?

Yes, there are several advantages.
  1. Light Quality - Quality LED lamps produce a higher quality color rendering than halogen lamp equivalents.
  2. Less Heat At The Fixture - Because LED does not produce as much heat as halogen, fixtures stay much cooler to the touch when they are in operation making them safer around children and pets. They are also friendlier around plants and will not scorch leaves that come in contact with them like halogen. Glass fixture lenses also experience less etching and fogging from the reduced heat keeping them clearer longer so there is no diminished light output.
  3. Longevity - LED is rated to last on average 5-10 times longer than halogen. This means lower downtime, lamp replacement and maintenance costs.
  4. Efficiency - LED lighting systems are significantly less costly to operate. On average LED consumes 5 times less electricity to operate than their halogen equivalents while producing the same amount or more light.